Flyspeck is a lite php script that lets your end users edit their own html pages in real time, in their browser quickly and easily.

Built for designers who make hand crafted html sites, and just want users to be able to edit parts of the page.

So lite, so easy, and so deliciously simple.

Try it live now or download a free 2 week trial, and try it out now.

$19.90 for unlimited use on a single domain.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, within 60 days of purchase, you get your cash back.

Quotes from Real unpaid customers. Except the one from my mom.

"Great product, great support: the web editor you don't have to worry about in your customers hands"
"Thanks, flyspeck! Your product is awesome! I have one client that is constantly sending me 'bits and pieces' at a time to update (and not charging her) so it will save me a lot of time and hassle with just this one client."
"I'm not sure - I think he does something with computers."

HTML5 powered

Simply add a data-flyspeck-id attribute to tags on your page like: <div data-flyspeck-id="specials"></div> to the html tags that will be edited by your users.

For example,
								<div data-flyspeck-id="body">
								I am editable in any browser? 
								I can't believe it's this easy to allow my clients to edit a part of a page.

device detection

Detects mobile, tablet, or desktop to deliver the best experience and functionality. Ultra lite and focused on simple editing.

In-line editing

What you see is what you really get. No preview mode needed because you are editing your site live.