Flyspeck lets your clients edit their own html based sites in their browser, tablet, or mobile phone.

$19.90 one time for ~ users on a domain.

So lite, so easy, and so deliciously simple. Try it now

HTML5 powered

Simply add a data-flyspeck-id attribute to tags on your page like: <div data-flyspeck-id="specials"></div> to the html tags that will be edited by your users.

For example,
								<div data-flyspeck-id="body">
								I am editable in any browser? 
								I can't believe it's this easy to allow my clients to edit a part of a page.

device detection

Detects mobile, tablet, or desktop to deliver the best experience and functionality. Ultra lite and focused on simple editing.

In-line editing

What you see is what you really get. No preview mode needed because you are editing your site live.

Quotes from Real unpaid customers. Except the one from my mom.

"Great product, great support: the web editor you don't have to worry about in your customers hands"
"Thanks, flyspeck! Your product is awesome! I have one client that is constantly sending me 'bits and pieces' at a time to update (and not charging her) so it will save me a lot of time and hassle with just this one client."
"I'm not sure - I think he does something with computers."

That's all I have to do?

  1. Unzip and Configure

    After purchase, you get a download link to Unzip, and edit the config.php. Pop in the License key emailed to you, and change the password.

  2. FTP /flyspeck to your site

    FTP the /flyspeck dir right off your public_html or www dir. Wherever your site is. Bottom line is you want

  3. Fire it up on the example page

    Bring up in your browser.
    This page is a test rig to see if the editing works. Most often, it does. Click the editing trigger, and enter the password you popped in the config. Cool!

  4. Integrate Editing Tags into your Site's pages. Start with one.

    Open up say your homepage, index.html, in your editor. Yes, your normal editor. How will your users get into editing mode? Let's start simple first, we can get fancy later. Pop this in the footer somewhere.

    <a href="#" onclick="var flyspeck_base='/flyspeck',d=document,f='script',s=d.createElement(f);s.src=flyspeck_base+'/index.php?a='+f;d.body.appendChild(s);return false;">Flyspeck Editing Trigger</a>

    Now we need to tag a part of the page as editable. Is editable a word? It is now. Any <div> or even the whole <body>. Let's start small.

    For example,
    								<div data-flyspeck-id="body">
    								I am editable in any browser? 
    								I can't believe it's this easy to allow my clients to edit a part of a page.

    We have to add a data-flyspeck-id="somethingUnique" to at least one tag on the page. Otherwise, how does flyspeck know what you want to allow to be editable? You can have multiple, but start small. Just do one chunk.

    Upload the index.html to your server
  5. All together now

    Well, this is what we wanted. Fire up your page and hit the editing trigger. You should be able to edit and save the chunk you tagged.
    More? Yes, the editing trigger is probably better obscure, like a hidden double click on the copyright or something. You don't want some big "Editing Trigger" on your page. See the support page on how to do this.


If for any reason you are not 100% completely satisfied, please let me know within 60 days of purchase and all of your money will be refunded.