Thursday, May 28

Beat Termites at Their Own Game with Sentricon

They may be small, but termites are definitely something to be feared. After all, they are the epitome of the phrase “together we stand”, and can bring down even the tallest and strongest of buildings that are standing tall. But with the Sentricon System, you may finally get the upper hand.

What does Sentricon Texas offer?

This an advanced and highly effective termite treatment that is safe for both humans and structures. It doesn’t contain any highly toxic chemicals – not even a trace, and doesn’t require drilling and boring holes through walls to deliver termite solution. Yes, the QPC Texas offers is simply the best and smartest termite control.

How smart is the Sentricon System?

Without a doubt, you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how termites are treated when there are no chemicals or drilling and digging involved. What Sentricon does is to manipulate the natural behavior and biology of termites.

These pesky pests’ workers forage for sources of cellulose food that they can share with the rest of the colony. They leave a trail laden with a pheromone scent to direct other workers to the same food source. The Sentricon System served as bait stations where termite workers flock and gather food. But because it contains an active ingredient called noviflumuron, which keep termites from molting, the baits become a deadly source of food for termites.

When they can’t molt, they die. When the food gatherers and workers die, the colony dies. When the colony dies…well, the Queen also dies. Hence the end of the tale of a termite infestation.

How is pest control delivered, then?

Based on the story above, it’s a case of termite workers killing their own. The Sentricon System is placed in strategic areas, creating a protective perimeter around your home or office. It is placed in the soil, which eliminates the need for trenching and drilling. How they are installed ensures that termites are drawn away from your property. Once one worker gets a taste of the bait solution, the rest will follow its trail and devastation in the colony happens.

How safe is the Sentricon System?

This smart termite solution has been around for some time and is the most extensively tested product. The active ingredient used in it is the first ingredient in termite treatments that satisfied the strict requirements of the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative, which is why it was accepted for registration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Several tests also proved that the bait solution has a low impact on human health, little risk of contaminating groundwater, and poses little toxic effect on plants, birds, fish and other non-target organisms. Clearly, no other termite solution is safer than what Sentricon Nacogdoches TX or Lufkin TX offers.

So whether you suspect of a termite infestation or not, it’s best to submit your property for inspection. You should also consider pre-treatment of your home before construction starts. Whichever is the case, you can rely on Sentricon to help you get rid of your termite problem one colony or two at a time. For more details, you can also visit